Time for New Brakes

Car, Truck, SUV Brake Repair

Brake Repair

How do you know when your car’s brakes need to be repaired or replaced? <dealer name> can help you out!

Symptoms of bad brakes:

  • Squealing or Grinding Noises
  • Pulsating Brake Pedal
  • Excessive Brake Pedal Travel
  • Red Warning Light on Gauge Cluster


Brake repairs could mean replacing worn out brake pads or rotors (discs) or both. It is imperative that if you are having any of the above issues with your car’s brakes, you bring it to <dealer name> to have them inspected for wear.

<dealer name> employs ASE Certified mechanics and technicians, and they always communicate the issues to you, so you understand the problems. We strive to offer the best auto maintenance services and have multiple locations to serve you. Best of all, you can use our website to schedule your appointment using our 100% secure forms. All service work is protected by the nationwide service warranty, good at the 50,000 <dealer name> locations around the US.

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