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Frequently Asked Questions

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For nearly 10 years, the staff of Integrity Car Care Tire and Service has served customers with unparalleled auto repair and tire retail at prices to accommodate any budget.

I understand it is important to change my air filter, but when should I schedule a service appointment?

Cabin air filters should be replaced every 12,000 miles, or annually. Internal combustion air filters must be monitored more frequently, every 3,000-15,000 miles, or with your routine oil change. For automobiles exposed to severe weather or roadway conditions, the air filters must be replaced more often.


When should I schedule an appointment to check my vehicle’s belts and hoses?

Our Integrity Car Care experts recommend coming in every 3,000 miles or during your routine oil change.


Why is it important to repair my brakes?
  • Brakes are vital for vehicle safety. Typically, cars have Traditional brakes and an Anti-lock braking system (ABS. Braking systems usually consist of the rotor, caliper, and brake pads (or shoes). It is important to note that if your brake pads are not or replaced it may also result in the replacement of rotors.
  • Due to their daily use brakes should be checked on a regular basis for optimal protection and performance.


When should I bring in my vehicle for a brake inspection?

Integrity Car Care experts recommend having your vehicle’s brakes assessed at least once a year. Keep in mind that if you are often in city traffic or live in an area with a hill you should consider checking your brakes more frequently.


What should I look out for when driving?
  • A scraping or grinding noise when the car is in motion – this may be due to a brake or bearing issue and requires an immediate inspection.
  • Loud squeaking when braking.
  • If you notice you are adding more pressure to brake than regularly.
  • If your vehicle is shaking or vibrating when braking.
How can I help preserve my brakes?
  • Brake fluid should be checked and replaced as needed.
  • Parking brake should not be on while driving.
  • Brakes should be checked once a year by a professional, and more often if you commute in city traffic, or terrain with hills.
When should I come into Integrity Car Care to have my cooling system inspected?
  • Staying up to date with your cooling system’s maintenance is important. Your antifreeze and coolant system needs to be flushed every 30,000 to 50,000 miles or every 2 years.
  • If you are driving in severely cold temperatures, you should make sure your vehicle’s antifreeze levels of antifreeze in your automobile to avoid freezing your liquid coolants and additional liquids in your engine.
  • During your routine oil change, your coolant levels should also be inspected.


What can I do to preserve my driveline?
  • Keep an eye on engine fluid levels.
  • Avoid towing loads that are too heavy.
  • Bring your vehicle in for an examination drive. Our experts will check for odd sounds or unusual vibration.


What will Integrity Car Care computer technicians check for?

Our computer technicians will check your car’s:

  • Ignition System
  • Emissions
  • Restraint Systems
  • Fuel injection System
  • Electrical
  • Anti-lock Brake System (ABS)
Why is service important?

When your vehicle’s check engine light is on it can be a sign of many things, from something simple like an oxygen sensor warning in the exhaust to something that requires more attention such as an engine overheating. Our Integrity Car Care experts encourage having potential issues looked at as soon as possible.


How often should I have my fluids checked?

Vehicle fluids require routine check-ups. Call our Integrity Car Care representatives, we are happy to assist with any specific questions you may have. Remember you want to avoid vehicle fluids from burning, running out, or collecting debris. Having a proper maintenance routine will ensure a longer life for your vehicle.


When should I check or change my oil?
  • Every 3,000-5,000 miles.
  • A common way to know is if the check oil light is on, or if the engine light is on.
  • Odd sounds coming from the engine.
  • If you notice the oil is dirty.


What is a suspension?

The steering and suspension system offers safe and controlled driving conditions by supporting the weight of your vehicle, it also maintains and steadies the tires on the road while driving.


When is it time for service?

To prevent unnecessary suspension repairs the steering and suspension system must be checked at least once a year. The following are indicators that may require a service visit:

  • Pulling to the side while driving.
  • Difficulty steering.
  • Difficulty driving on uneven roads or dips.
  • After going over a bump vehicle continues to bounce.
  • Tires shake or stray.
  • Steering appears to be slipping.
When should I bring in my vehicle for tire balancing?
  • If you intend on replacing 2 or 4 tires.
  • Every 4,000-6,000 miles, or sooner depending on daily road conditions.
  • Our experts can help determine whether your tires should be rotated and balanced based on wear or mileage.
  • Please note, our Integrity Car Care technicians advise against replacing only one tire because it might cause significant issues to the alignment, balance and overall handling of your vehicle.


When do I need new tires?
  • Damages to the tire that cannot be fixed.
  • Your tread is below 4/32, or cannot pass the "penny" test.
  • Irregular tread wear.
  • Bulges, bumps or soft spots on the tire.
  • Footstep is significantly minimized or flush with the tread bars.


When should I bring in my vehicle for tire rotation services?

To get the optimal use out of your tires, they should be rotated every 3,000-6,000 miles or along with your routine oil change. *Depending on the type of tires, some require to be rotated at routine periods, while others are rotated based on the wear on the tire. Ask one of Integrity Car Care experts for help with determining the best routine for your vehicle.


When are wheel alignment services recommended?

Our Integrity Car Care experts perform wheel alignment services at the time brand new tires are set up, or during your routine tire rotation.


What are signs to look out for indicating I need wheel alignment services?

Wheels may have to be aligned if:

  • Tire tread is wearing unevenly.
  • Experience vibration when turning.
  • The steering wheel does not sit straight when driving on a straight roadway.
  • Steering wheel pulls to the left or right.
When do I need new wiper blades or washer fluid refill?

If you notice any of the following signs:

  • Washer fluid light is on or the washer fluid stream has less pressure.
  • Stains or streaky residue throughout your windshield.
  • When in use wiper blades make skidding or scuffing noises.
  • Wiper blades show indication of wear.
  • Blades should be switched annually or bi-annually.
  • Wiper fluid should be checked and topped off routinely.


What will my tune-up service consist of?

Our Integrity Car Care experts will…

  • Inspect and top off all fluids
  • Replace air filter
  • Switch out gas filters
  • Examine distributor cap and replace a new one if needed
  • Check blades, and install brand-new blades if necessary
  • Place new spark plugs and replace worn out ignition system cables
  • Checking and adjust valve-cover gasket
  • Switch out Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) valve, if plugged.


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