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Integrity Car Care Transmission Repair Services

Transmission fluid can help increase the longevity of your vehicle and avoid common transmission problems. Transmission fluid coats the gears in the transmission, this coat protects your transmission against slipping and wear. Overtime transmission fluid loses its effectiveness and requires a flush. At Integrity Car Care, we offer high-quality transmission and auto repair services at unbeatable prices.

When should I bring my vehicle for service?

Our Integrity Car Care experts recommend having your transmission checked if:

  • Check Engine light is on
  • Trouble shifting gears
  • Vehicle will not move
  • Transmission seems to be sliding
  • Grinding noises when shifting gears
  • Transmission is extremely loud
  • Problems with clutch
  • Leaking transmission fluid -magenta colored and sweet odor
  • It has been 30,000 miles since your vehicle’s last fluid flush

During your vehicle transmission flush, our Integrity Car Care experts will…

  • drop the transmission pan and flush the old fluid
  • replace fluid
  • replace the transmission filter
  • check for signs of wear, damage, or corrosion

At Integrity Car Care, we can help prevent common transmission problems and are experienced in preserving the longevity of your vehicle. Contact our Integrity Car Care experts to schedule a consultation for a transmission inspection and fluid flush today. We are in the Pilot Point & Crossroads, TX area.

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