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Integrity Car Care Windshield Wiper Blades

  • Wiper Blade Standard - Starting At - $18.99 installed Per Pair
  • Wiper Blade Beam Blade - Starting At - $38.99 installed Per Pair

Windshield wipers are necessary for maintaining visibility and security when on the road, especially in bad weather conditions. Having a clear windshield can improve driving conditions even when driving conditions are not ideal. Our Integrity Car Care experts recommend replacing wiper blades at least once a year, or as needed. At Integrity Car Care, we offer the best quality windshield wiper blades at great prices.

WARNING: AVOID using your windshield wipers on an icy windshield, doing so can damage your wiper blades by scratching the blades on the ice. Scratches will bring about a streaky, uneven swipe across your windshield, which results in restricted visibility.

When do I need new wiper blades or washer fluid refill?

If you notice any of the following signs:

  • Washer fluid light is on or the washer fluid stream has less pressure
  • Stains or streaky residue throughout your windshield
  • When in use wiper blades make skidding or scuffing noises
  • Wiper blades show indication of wear
  • Blades should be switched annually or bi-annually
  • Wiper fluid should be checked and topped off routinely

Replacing your windshield wipers only takes a few minutes. Our Integrity Car Care friendly experts are happy to help you with changing your wiper blades. Contact us today to schedule a service appointment. We are in the Pilot Point & Crossroads, TX area.

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